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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How does Web Hosting work?

Before trying to make your own web page and launch it on the Internet, first you need to know how web pages work. Here are the basic terms:

– The server receives the request for a page sent by your browser.
– The browser connects to the server through an IP Adress; the IP address is obtained by translating the domain name.
– In return, the server sends back the requested page.

Web pages are written in HTML, Hypertext Markup Language. A markup language is a computer language that describes the layout, format and content of a page. The Web browser renders the page according to the HTML code.

Web servers are computers whose job is to respond to a browser’s request for a web page and deliver it through the internet. Pages hosted on a web server can be displayed to anyone all over the world. It is like a hard drive that stores your website files and images. In order to host your page on a web server you need to pay a hosting charge.

What tools or software can I use to build my website?

It really depends on what type of website you want to create, but, my personal preference would be to use WordPress.WordPress is the easiest and most flexible platform to use when building a website.It does not have a steep learning curve and you can create almost any type of website! And another good thing is there are a lot of free resources out there to help you get started using WordPress. You can also use Weebly Web Building. HostAnand has Weebly web building service. Once you create the account with HostAnand you can find the weebly service from store tab in client area.

What kind of web hosting plan do I need?

It depends on the size of your business. First you need to know what types of web hosting plans are there:

Shared Web Hosting Services

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

VPS Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting Services

With shared website hosting, multiple websites “live” on the same server and split the cost charged by the Web hosting company. This makes shared Web hosting the most cost-effective Web hosting solution. Yet for every dollar you save with shared Web hosting fees, you may pay in other ways – including the chance of increased downtime and the space and bandwidth shortage limitations that come with sharing servers. That said you can look for a Web hosting service that guarantees uptime and has the space and bandwidth you need at a reasonable cost. Think of shared Web hosting as giving up some of the privacy in your home to live with rent-paying roommates chosen by your Web hosting company.

Purchased a hosting plan, now what do I do?

Welcome to the HostAnand family! Once the payment is processed, you will receive your Welcome email, which includes your Login Information (all the information you need to access your HostAnand hosting account), along with useful links to help you get started. Once you receive this email, your hosting account is ready for use.

IMPORTANT: Please check your junk mail folder as well as your Inbox. If 24 hours have passed and you have not received all of these emails, please contact us at contact@hostanand.in.

What does free domain registration mean?

HostAnand is pleased to offer our clients a free domain registration when they sign up for a minimum one-year term. The free domain registration offer is valid with some of our annual plans, for the first year you are a HostAnand client.

How do I transfer my Web pages to your server?

The most convenient way to transfer your website’s files to your new web hosting account is via FTP. You should connect to your hosting account and download the files locally to your computer. Then you have to upload them to your new hosting account’s main folder (usually public_html, www or http docs).

Can I host multiple domain names with my hosting account?

To host several websites from a single web hosting account you will need to pick a web hosting package that includes so-called addon domains or domain aliases as a feature. Pick the top level domain the web hosting account shall be running under. This will be your main domain name you want to work with.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We don’t offer money-back guarantee this time. However, we may offer it in especial occasion under professional plan.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting Services?

With dedicated Web hosting, you’ll be the only website on the server – meaning that all the space, bandwidth and server access is “dedicated” to hosting your website alone. This exclusive relationship between the Web hosting server and your website makes dedicated Web hosting the most reliable of its kind. The problem for many is that it’s also the most expensive. The space you rent on a server will function as your website’s home, so it makes sense to think of dedicated Web hosting as renting a home that you’ll live in alone. You won’t have to worry about anyone infringing upon your space – but you won’t get any help paying the bills either.

What is VPS Hosting Service?

For some, VPS hosting (also known as virtual dedicated hosting) is a Web hosting solution that can be the best of both worlds – a middle ground between shared and dedicated Web hosting. After all, use of a virtual private server (VPS) gives you the control and flexibility of dedicated Web hosting at a lower cost. While you will technically be sharing the same server with other websites, that server will be divided into multiple “virtual” private servers. Each VPS operates independently without interfering with the VPS hosting of other websites on the same system. You’ll have total administrative control over the VPS software, without any of the added costs associated with hardware and maintenance that dedicated Web hosting requires. This means that VPS hosting is not like renting your own home or sharing space with roommates – it’s more like renting a condominium. You have control over a defined amount of space that your adjacent neighbors can’t access.

When you’re ready to choose among the different Web hosting services, keep your unique business goals for space, control, and reliability in mind – they will determine how much monthly “rent” you need to pay for VPS hosting, shared website hosting or dedicated Web hosting services.

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